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Years of experience dedicated to your comfort and safety

Who we are

Some words about us

We care about people's safety and comfort of their life. Using proven hi-tech engineering, experience and creativity, we help to deliver software solutions for areas where the real time monitoring, protection and future forecasting are critical factors.

  • Mission - Always on time to help and protect
  • Skills - Delivering smart and future-ready solutions
  • Values - Using technology to care about people

Areas of activity

Our services

We deliver smart solutions that help people to protect their safety and guard their property in a seamless way. We also offer a rich experience for security, monitoring and parking systems integrations.

Protection and forecasting

Monitoring and data analysing software. Data visualization solutions. 3rd party software modules integrations.

Comfort and safety everywhere

Mobile safety solutions. Mobile protection system components.

Improved monitoring

CCTV systems enhancing. Smart city and parking solutions.

Audio components

Audio announcement controlling systems.

History of success

There are many successfully accomplished ventures on our account. Customers from many European countries, Australia and United Arab Emirates thanks to our comprehensive and efficient project approach achieved their goals and fulfilled their own missions.

We had an opportunity to work with one of the most recognized solutions and products in their own business categories:

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